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Canadian Red and Green Lentils

Product Type: Lentil Style: Dried Maturity: 100% Type: Canadian Red Lentils and Green lentils Drying Process: AD Size:180-200,200-220 ,220-240pcs/100g Cultivation Type: Common Packaging Details -PP woven bag or carton,10kg / 15kg / 25kg / 50kg -Two bags in one carton. – 750 cartons in one container (20 feet) -Customer’s Request

Durum wheat

Type: Wheat Drying Process: AD Style: Dried Cultivation Type: Common Protein: 12.5% Min Moisture: 13.5% Max Falling Number: 300 Min Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.2% Max Total Damaged Kernel: 4.0% Max Shrunken & Broken Kernels: 5.0% Max Total Defects: 5.0% Max Total other classes: 2.0% Max Foreign Material: 0.7% Max Dockage: 1.5% Max Test Weight: 58 lbs per bushel Vitreous Amber Kernels: 80% Min Packaging Details 50 kg (net weight) new poly-lined jute bag or as per buyer’s request

Durum wheat Semolina

Is Durum Wheat Semolina healthy?

It’s rich in protein, fiber, and B vitamins and may support weight loss, heart health, and digestion. If you can tolerate it, try adding semolina to your diet. Its high protein content is great for improving the structure and texture in recipes like pasta and bread.

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Packaging Details
25kg paper bags 50kg poly bags 1000 kg bulk bag

Premium Long Grain Rice

Jasmine Specification: Premium Long Grain Rice

Variety: Jasmine Style: Dried or fresh Cultivation Type: Common Color: White Broken Ratio (%): 5 % Max. Moisture (%): 14 % Admixture (%): 0.1 % Colour: White Premium Long Grain Rice
Please kindly see the specification of Jasmine rice 5% broken as follow: 1* Broken (max.)  : 5% 2* Moisture (max.): 14.5% 3* Foreign Matters (max.): 0.1% 4* Damaged kernels (max.): 0.75% 5* Yellow kernels (max.): 0.75% 6* Average length of whole kernel (min): 6.8 mm Super Kernal Basmati Rice 7* Mixed rice (max): 15% 8* Chalky kernel (max): 4.0 % 9* Paddy (grain per kg) (max): 10 10* Crop: New Crop 11* Milling degree: Double polished and Sorted 12* Other specifications as per official Vietnam Rice Export Standards
Premium Long Grain Rice
Premium Long Grain Rice with Long grain Perfume Rice and Fragrant Rice available for sale at competitive price with Super Kernal Basmati Rice Available.

Whole Wheat Flour

Type: All-Purpose Flour Fineness (%): 100 Processing Type: Miling Made From: Wheat Additives: No No preservatives, chemicals, or bleaching This wheat flour is finely ground Great for breads, cakes, pizza dough, and more Unmatched taste and texture Long 8-month shelf life and more than a year when frozen. Whole Wheat Flour For Sale