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Hardwood Charcoal Wholesale for BBQ

HardWood Charcoal 1.Smokeless, scentless and sparkless 2 Hardwood produced using tropical tree species 3.Natural hardwood. Characteristic tropical Hardwood Charcoal for bar-b-que 1. Item Data The attributes of woodcharcoal: (1)smokeless, unscented and sparkless (2)good in shininess crude…

Hookah Charcoal

Coconut and Hardwood Charcoal barbecue 1. Smokeless unscented non-poisonous sparkless 2. Hardwood produced using tropical tree species 3. Longer consuming Regular Wood Charcoal (binchotan) For bar-b-que Utilized Material:high quality subtropical timberland Coconut shell and hard wood charcoal.

Palm Kernel Shell

Cheap Palm Kernel Shell

The  palm kernel shell  is 100%  dried to less than 20% moisture. Perfect for boilers. Great for compressing and making wood bricks. We can ship in bulk or bags, pack into smaller 10Kgs, however you would like it.

SPECIFICATIONS: product name:  palm Kernel Colour:  light brown Texture:  Strong Size:  3mm to 10mm Moisture: Max 10 % foreign matters: 0.1%

Wood Pellets

Our wood pellets significantly surpass all PFI premium principles. This pellet gives the most sultry BTU yield, least debris, and least measure of fire pot buildup. One of the absolute best in the United Kingdom and a client top choice for longer than 7 years. One of the most smoking and cleanest wood pellets in North America. We have been perhaps the most popular, client top choices for longer than 10 years. Under .25% debris by weight, delivering 8500 BTU’s for every lb.